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WUDRome 2019 - World Usability Day Rome 2019


WUDRome is a conference powered by nois3.it – Experience Design Agency and it is the only event in south-central Italy that welcomes Italian and international speakers, managers, designers, developers and communication professionals, with the aim to spread the good practices of human centered design.

Since 2005, on the second Thursday of November, over 200 World Usability Day events are organised, in more than 43 countries across the world. The World Usability Day is an initiative by the Usability Professionals Association (UXPA) and the event first opened in Rome in 2014, thanks to the Experience Design Agency nois3.

The aim of the event is to raise awareness and train design professionals on the instruments and central issues in the research, development and practice of good usability.


Rome, Italy


60 – 240 EUR
14 - 15 Nov, 2019
Duration: 2 day(s)
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