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    UXDX Conference 2019



    There's a Better Way of Building Products
    Projects involve functions temporarily working together to deliver a set scope, but this limits the ability to learn about customers and forces a more short term view. What we need is for the right mix of skills across Product, UX, Design, Dev and Ops to be working together to learn, build and continuously improve the product. 
    How UXDX Enables Change? In order to change long established, and embedded, working practices you need the appetite for change followed by both top down and bottom up support.
    Motivation: Hear how our world class speakers are benefiting from product teams that are working together to solve the problems of their customers and meet the key business objectives
    Personal Ability: Hands-on training targeted on the new tools and techniques that cross functional product teams need
    Organisational Ability: Learn how to the world's leading companies are aligning their product teams across their organisations and empowering them to deliver


    Dublin, Ireland
    Merrion Rd, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4


    765 – 2495 EUR
    7 - 8 Oct, 2019
    Duration: 2 day(s)
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