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    U/X/D Conference



    AIGA MN and UXPA-MN are pleased to present a full-day workshop exploring the overlaps, commonalities, intersections, and divergences between User Experience and Design. We will present viewpoints from designers and UX practitioners who work independently, in small creative firms, in medium-sized technical groups, and for some of the largest corporations in the world.
    Morning panels: paired speakers combining UX, design and related fields
    Lunch provided
    Afternoon: a hands-on, lo-fi prototyping workshop/hack-a-thon where we explore the collaboration and intersection between UX and Design.
    Our presentation topics will include:
    UX to Design: How do they overlap? Where do they diverge?
    Who’s who and who does what: the overlap of skills, roles, and areas of expertise
    UX to Design: How do you hand off between individuals?
    How do content strategy, UX and design all converge?
    “Full-Stack” UX: What does it mean when you are asked to do it all – from Strategy to UX to Design to Front-End
    And more


    Minneapolis, United States


    Paid conference
    18 May, 2019
    Duration: 1 day(s)
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