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UX Copenhagen® 2021


The theme for UX Copenhagen® 2021 is “Commoning”, deriving from the term “Commons“.

About this Event

As of 2020 (at least before the pandemic), the world seems to be coming together in a way it hasn’t for a long time. We’re designing shared resources like never before, working together and utilizing each others’ areas of expertise in best ways possible, and democratizing design by helping people help themselves.
The circular economy is changing businesses. Startups that help people share living spaces, offices, vehicles, and tools are thriving, and reusing and sharing resources are becoming the norm. How are these being designed? Are people remembering to consider the good of society, and think collectively instead of individually? What changes will we be faced with because of – and after COVID-19, climate change, and politics?
We will look forward to a somewhat different online format in 2021, with talks focusing on community driven design, futurism, design-driven social initiatives, democratizing design, celebrating intersectionality and differences, and a lot more!
We hope to “see” you there!




Paid conference
25 - 26 Mar, 2021
Duration: 2 day(s)
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