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UX+ Conference 2020


UX+ is an online conference for aspiring and seasoned User Experience professionals. UX+ Conference invite speakers that are the most renowned UX practitioners and designers, from Southeast Asia all the way to Silicon Valley. This allows our attendees to hear from different point of views, from successful local startups, to the most influential firms around the world.

In 2019, the inaugural UX+ Conference was the largest UX event in Asia. Presented by Google Design, last year's conference had 1,300+ delegates that gathered in SMX Convention Center. Speakers from Google, Twitter, Dropbox, and Grab (among others), discussed topics like UX leadership, finding your personal north star, and the importance of cultural context in design.

In our 2nd year, we have transformed UX+ into an all-online, two-day conference. This year’s speakers come from a variety of perspectives, and we’ll have talks and topics like psychological safety, diversity and inclusivity in UX, how cultural context matters in UX, design systems and design sprints, among other topics. UX+ is organized by 8020 and Graphika Manila.




39 – 59 USD
12 - 13 Sep, 2020
Duration: 2 day(s)
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