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Psychology for Digital Behavior Change - Vancouver (2-3 day Workshop)


This 2-day workshop covers the essentials of applying psychology to human-centered websites, apps, and campaigns that are motivating, usable, and engaging. 

Participants learn how to recognize and apply a wide variety of persuasive design principles, focused on boosting users’ cognitive understanding, motivation, trust, decision making, short-term action, and long-term loyalty.

During the workshop, participants gain experience conducting psychological audits, user tests, and advance their skills in applying behavioral science to information architectures, navigational systems, user flows, wireframes and more.

Optional 3rd Day Workshop: 
After completing the first 2 days, you’ll qualify to take our advanced 3rd day workshop on psychological architectures. This workshop covers persuasive user journeys, psychological design templates, feedback psychology, along with tools for modeling complex digital processes.


Vancouver, Canada


598 – 936 USD
25 - 27 Nov, 2019
Duration: 3 day(s)
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