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Online Intermediate UX Design Course - UX Academy


This Intermediate UX Design Course will take place over 6 weeks. Being run by industry experts Nora Goerne and Enrico Furfaro.

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User Journey Maps:
Mapping a service end-to-end to identify pain points and areas of opportunity.

Fast Prototyping Techniques:
Rapid prototyping enables you to quickly create an initial version of a final product.

Using Data in Design:
Data-driven design can enable you to make informed decisions about products to create better and robust experiences.

Innovative Design Thinking:
A method for practical, creative resolution of problems. Proven and repeatable problem solving approach.

Pattern Libraries:
Thorough overview and examples of software design patterns that you can apply in your daily development.

Lean UX Principles:
Identify best practices for research and testing within an agile environment.




Free meetup
8 Mar - 12 Apr, 2022
Duration: 36 day(s)
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