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How UX Writing Can Shape Products, Services and Companies?


We are happy to invite you to our meetup to talk about UX Writing.

Come learn and discuss with the expert Marc Ustrell who will share his insights and experience with us.

Talk Description

How UX Writing Can Shape Products, Services, ​and Companies? UX Writers seem to be a pretty hot role in design companies and creative agencies. Because embed narratives, create engagement, retention, and most importantly: writers give users a sense of purpose. Because they are storytellers.

How can UX Writers Enhance human-centric design? You can start by using a few tricks from a words guy

Guest Speaker
Marc Ustrell | Digital Marketing & UX Copywriter Lead

Former journalist currently planning and leading digital content strategies for B2B & B2C Companies. As Brand and Product Design Manager he is focused in Finance, Retail and Institutional Innovative projects. He loves defining Brand`s voice and Tone through Design Thinking Methodologies.


Barcelona, Spain


Free meetup
23 Jan, 2019
Duration: 1 day(s)
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