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FLA: Innovation Week Online


Self-placed online programme specially created for experienced innovation professionals, service designers and business leaders.
You will learn about the latest innovation methodologies, and best tools for product and business management – and have the opportunity to ask any questions in an informal atmosphere

Who attends this programme:
- CEOs, CIOs and business owners
- heads of design and innovation departments
- product managers and team leaders
- service and experience designers
- UX researchers
- innovators and trendsetters

You will learn:
- What methodologies and processes companies use to create new products and services
- How to do research in different countries and understand the cultural context
- How to measure the impact of design
- How to sell your ideas internally
- Tools and frameworks for digital transformation and how to get the most out of AI
- What is Behavioural Design and how it can help you change user habits
- How to use trends and forces to plan and prepare for the future

If you are tired of basic webinars and theoretical courses, welcome to the place where content is carefully curated to give you the maximum practical learning and advanced skills.




1000 – 399 GBP
7 Mar, 2021
Duration: 1 day(s)
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