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Digital Psychology & Emotional Design Summer Class


In this 8-week online course, you'll learn everything you need to build psychology-driven websites, apps, and digital campaigns. The course includes 25 hours of video lessons, 12-hours of LIVE design tutorials, workbooks, assistance, and more. 

Over the 8-weeks, you’ll complete two courses: 

 * During weeks 1-5, you’ll complete Psychology for Digital Behavior Change. This course covers digital psychology and the behavioral design process.

 * In weeks 6-8, you’ll complete Emotional Design Psychology which explores the neuroscience of user emotion and motivation. The main focus is on building emotionally intelligent products and campaigns. 

All our training comes with optional certification, a behavioral design workbook, step-by-step templates, and access to behavioral science software that suggests the best psychological strategies for your particular audiences. 

Our LIVE tutorials are run in an open meeting format where you’ll have a chance to speak with your instructor, share your thoughts, clarify anything that’s unclear, and get to know your fellow learners. 

And yes, we provide real LIVE tutorials on a strict timeline that will keep you focused and engaged, just like any in-person class. 

No two LIVE terms are the same, as Dr. Cugelmen adapts the content based on his student’s particular needs, class consensus, and interesting topics that emerge during discussions.

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598 – 798 USD
25 Jun - 13 Aug, 2020
Duration: 50 day(s)
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