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Different Faces of Customer Journey Mapping


Customer journey mapping is key to understanding the experience of your customers, buyers, or users with your company, service, or brand and the ways to improve it. We created the Different Faces of Journey Mappers series to give you a chance to hear (and see) what journey mappers from all over the world have to share from their personal experience.

Join our event to learn, ask, network, and find inspiration for your own CX/UX project.

👥 Who is it for?
The event will be interesting for product leaders, researchers, UX/UI designers, marketers, CX leaders, and everyone interested in building human-centric products and companies.

💬 Talks
1) The role of Customer Journeys in the business of a Telecom vendor (Tingting Lin, Head of CX @ Qvantel)

2) Designing customer journeys in fintech with empathy (Lara Chikhani, Senior Lead UX/UI designer @ Oliver Wyman)

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Free meetup
8 Dec, 2020
Duration: 1 day(s)
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