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DesignUp Festival 2019


DesignUp isn’t just another UX/UI Conference. We showcase stories across the Design-in-Tech spectrum – shinning the light on tales of transformation, growth and impact, by Design: individual, or career growth, social impact, product transformation, impactful tools & techniques, to creating change across governance and civic services.

We don’t just share ideas and insights – DesignUp is focused on bringing you insights you can action the next day or week – at work, in life or the community. It’s about going from talking to doing – wether it’s a challenge we throw to you—or you throw to yourself, your team or your neighbourhood. Sowing seeds of change is what matters!

Meet new ideas, re-connect with old friends and make new ones. Hear new perspectives, make friends with speakers over dinner. Visit studios, uncover insights, connect dots, and soak in the unique creative energy of DesignUp Get a mega creative recharge – enough to last you another 52 weeks! 


Bangalore, India
The Lalit


110 – 180 USD
14 - 16 Nov, 2019
Duration: 3 day(s)
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