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Designing Governance


After the last meetup of 2018 at Beta-i where we had a very productive discussion about Designing Organizations and also Culture, we will now go a bit further and start to discuss how to design governance, hierarchies, incentives and all that core fun/boring stuff that really makes an organization thrive. So this one is a bit of a follow up of the last meetup where we hope to continue the discussion where we left it.

So, let's talk about that, and let's get together once again next Tuesday, January 29th, starting at 18:30, at the Wodify offices in Lisbon. We will have three speakers and a panel discussion afterward, and also some snacks and drinks as well. As usual, the speakers are great, and they are going to be announced very soon.

As usual, please register as soon as you can because the spots are limited and they usually run out pretty quickly.

Stay cool and see you there! =)


Lisbon, Portugal


Free meetup
29 Jan, 2019
Duration: 1 day(s)
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