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Customer Interview Techniques Workshop


Learn how to obtain more quality insights from people during an interview with our interactive 4-hour workshop

Problem interview is one of the most powerful ways to learn actionable insights for your product or service. But you won’t get valuable information without preparation and using proper techniques.

This workshop will introduce you to different interview techniques and help you practice them all. You will learn how to overcome possible difficulties to get more quality insights from talking to people, whatever the project scope is.

This workshop will focus on open- and closed-ended questions, the 5 Whys technique, and the 5W+H technique.

What’s inside:
‣ Practical techniques and tricks for your next interview
‣ Real-life cases to practice interviewing skills
‣ Instant feedback from the participants
‣ Individual and team practice in a fun and playful way
‣ Role-playing: you’ll have a chance to see the process from two different perspectives (as an interviewer and interviewee)

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75 – 95 USD
10 Dec, 2020
Duration: 1 day(s)
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