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CRO&UX Party - a free online conference


We know how much you care about the convenience and conversion of your site and your clients' sites, so we have prepared a free online conference CRO&UX Party with top speakers from Eleks, ConversionRate.Store, Plerdy, Turum-burum, Trinity, Homes Media Solutions, and

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On February 25 at 01:30 PM (GMT+2), we will start online broadcasting, where we will tell you about:
- How to improve eCommerce KPI without increasing your PPC and SEO budget;
- Examples of an increase in the transaction rate by 74%, micro-conversion by 85%, macro-conversion by 200%;
- An analysis of Google's patents and documentation with regard to UX elements;
- and much more.

Don't miss your chance to get valuable information and improve the performance of your site for free.

P.S. On the registration page, you can go through the game and understand how important the convenience and clarity of the site is for conversion.

Register now for the CRO&UX Party! We will be very glad to see you among the participants.

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Free conference
25 Feb, 2021
Duration: 1 day(s)
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