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Criminally negligent UXD


Could your company be held criminally negligent for using the wrong button color? 

Recently, Dr. Brian Cugelman was the victim of what he and his lawyers believe was criminal negligence in UXD.

We know there are cases when the wrong button color can be used to trick users into buying products they didn’t want, or to push users into a harmful situation.

This session will explore whether there is such a thing as criminally negligent UXD and interactive design. It will include a formal presentation by Brian, followed by an open discussion.  
We’ll explore when nudging is unethical or fair, what’s your duty as a designer to protect users, and discuss how to use standard design conventions to stop these problems before they happen. 

There are some serious problems in our industry that we must confront. This session will look at some of the ugly realities, and together we can explore options for turning things around. 

Dr. Cugelman is now working with Dr. Stibe on developing a proposal for how we can develop industry guidelines and legal instruments to prevent and identify cases of criminal design. 

Join me on Tuesday, 15 June 2021 @ 13:00 EST. 👇🏻




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16 Jun, 2021
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