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3 Days - Behavioral Design Workshop - By Dr. Susan


Behavioral Design Workshop
By Dr. Susan Weinschenk Ph.D. - CEO TheTeamW

Learn how to apply recent research in brain and behavioral science to engage, encourage, and persuade the people that use your products and services. In this fast-paced interactive workshop we share the latest research on how people see, pay attention, decide, and what motivates people to take action.

You will learn and practice how to apply this science to the design of your products, services, and spaces so that people will be engaged and persuaded to take specific action.

During the workshop you will practice applying what you are learning to practical product, interface, and interaction design. After the workshop you will take with you a summary of what you have learned and be ready to apply the ideas and techniques to your own projects.
Day 1: Vision and Design

    The pre-attention area visual cortex and implications for visual design to grab attention
    The geon theory of object recognition and implications for icon design
    The fusiform area of the mid brain and its effect on images of faces
    The critical role of peripheral vision

Day 2: Decisions and Mental Models

    The role emotions and confidence play in decision making
    Habit vs. goal directed decisions
    Grouping and partitioning
    Mental models and design
    Generational differences in the use of technology

Day 3: Motivation and Case Study

    The 7 drivers of motivation and how to use them to encourage specific behaviors, including the Need to Belong, Instincts, Habits, Rewards, the Power of Stories, Tricks of the Mind and the Desire for Mastery
    The Behavioral Design Process
    Case Study Redesign where you apply everything you have learned




130 – 140 USD
26 - 28 Oct, 2020
Duration: 3 day(s)
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